Report a Concern (Well-being Check)

Well-being Check

If you are concerned about the physical or mental well-being of a student or if a student’s behavior is causing you to worry about any future actions, please report your concern online or utilize the UChicago Safe App to directly text the Dean-on-Call. Once you are in the UChicago Safe App, press the UChicago HELP button. The Dean-on-Call can also be reached through the University of Chicago Police Department at 773-702-8181.  Ask that they page the Dean-on-Call and be prepared to leave a 10-digit call-back number. A Dean-on-Call is available 24/7.

By submitting the report, you can share your concerns about a student’s behavior, health, or well-being. The information you provide will help the University assist the student of concern with early intervention resources and strategies. The report will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours of receipt or by the next business day.

Request a Well-being Check here.

The UChicago Safe App is available here:

University of Chicago's Behavioral Intervention Team Reporting Form

The University’s Behavioral Intervention Team and the Reporting Form are available for anyone to share information about any individual who may be planning or is at risk of engaging in violence, who has planned a violent act, or who may be the intended victim of a violent act.

Report concerning behavior.