Bias Education & Support Team (BEST)

Students impacted by bias can seek support through the Bias Education and Support Team (BEST).

BEST members will ensure that bias incidents are properly documented so the University can assess the campus climate on an ongoing basis. BEST members will provide follow-up training and educational opportunities when applicable. We can also explore options for informal resolution in collaboration with the student.

BEST is comprised of staff members from offices across the University, including Campus and Student Life, the Center for Identity + Inclusion, and Equal Opportunity Programs. BEST members receive extensive training on campus cultures, responding to bias and microaggressions, restorative and transformative practices, and conflict management.

BEST assists the University Dean of Students in documenting and reporting incidents that affect our students. Bias incident data is used to develop educational and outreach programs.

Bias incidents that can be addressed by BEST include any actions that are motivated by bias, even if they do not include the elements required to prove a hate crime or a violation of University policy.

BEST will assist students in determining whether a violation of law or University policy occurred, and will refer students to additional resources. However, BEST cannot initiate disciplinary action or impose sanctions.

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